February Resolution Check In

I have to say that I love this new resolution format.  I like that they are little steps so even if I fall down on resolutions (like I did in February) I can still feel like I am making progress even if I only move one or two forward.  I also like that I can tweak it along the way for a better fit.

February.  Poor February.  I'm not a fan and it isn't really February's fault.  It's just a busy month with fundraiser at work and a work trip out of town and solo contest.  It feels like I am just keeping my head above water for the whole month and that a lot of times leads me to slough stuff off.  Of course the resolutions are supposed to stop me from doing that, but... oh well.  It's a work in progress every day. 

1. Mirror Project Weekly - I did 7 this month.  Woot!  Remember you can follow along on the Mirror Me blog.   

2. Instagram 3x a week - I'm getting better at this one.  I had a thought that I was going to use Instagram for the Mirror Me Project and then I changed my mind.  I was still trying to figure out how to incorporate Instagram into my online photo universe when I saw this conversation about Flickr and Instagram.  The points made about Instagram not being used for anything of lasting value really hit home with me.  So I went back to just using it for fun stuff.  This month I'm going to try doing some of the March Photo A Day topics (but not beat myself up if I miss a day) and I am enjoying seeing the photos of the people I follow.  I think this resolution has been successful because when I started I never did anything with Instagram and now it is used a lot more.

3. Everyday App - I did so well in January and totally fell down in February.  I only took about 9 new photos the whole month.  Definitely not enough to warrant a new video.  I'll do better in March.

4.  Photowalk Twice a Month - Nope.  I want this to be a walk that is not part of an assignment or meet-up and I haven't made it yet, but I know I will.  I decided to change this one to once a month.  

Food & Drink 
1. Make a Weekly Meal Plan - Not so much.  Did I mention February kicks my butt each time?  I was doing really well before I went to San Antonio and then I completely fell apart when I got back.  There were two weeks where I was eating out way more than I was eating at home.  Thankfully last week I got back on track (mostly).

2. Fresh Cooking 3x a week - As you can guess from the previous paragraph I wasn't doing a lot of this.  Combine those experiences with this post about cooking kits and I have decided to modify this resolution.  It is now going to be Eat at Home Four Times a Week.  I think this is much more realistic in terms of cooking and it will hopefully break the eating out skid I feel into last month.

3. Bake Twice a Month - Nope.  I'm changing this one to once a month.  I think that will make it feel much more possible.

4. Drink More Water and Tea - Nope.  I was terrible this month I tell you.

Personal Improvement
1. Track Spending - Sigh.  no.

2. Get Involved with a Charity - No, BUT I have decided that I am going to solicite donations to a charity for my 40th birthday next month (40!!!).  I'm pretty sure I know the charity but I don't want to announce it quite yet.  I'm excited about the possibility.

3. Put Things Away -  One of the reasons February was so bad was that I let my apartment fall apart.  When my apartment gets like that I don't want to do anything.  It's weird.  When my apartment is clean I feel like I can go out and do things and live life.  When it gets junky I end up sitting in one spot and it just gets worse and worse.  This one is so important to all my other resolutions.  I have to get it together.

4. Make the Thought Count - I've done one thing but I can't mention it yet.  Hopefully a lot more to come.

Feel Good/Look Good
1. One Piece of Clothing Each Month - Oops.  February got by me without something new.

2. Ride Once a Week - Can you guess?  Nope.

3.  Look Best Each Time I Go Out - I've been better about this than I was last year but there were definitely times this month where I reverted back to my old lazy self.  But I can definitely tell that I am making progress in this area.

4. 10,000 steps a day - I've done really well about always having my pedometer with me every day.  Right now I have just been tracking and there are definitely days where I hit 10,000 a day.   I need to start up a walking program to get the  number up on those days where I don't reach 10,000. 

Free Time
1. 20 Books in 2012 - I added two more books in February so now my total is up to 6.  You can follow along on my Goodreads account.

2. Reduce Screen Time - Yeah not so much.  I slid into bad habits in February.

3. Weekly To Do List - Yes!  Well, I mean I'm not great at it yet but I have a new helper that is going to be fantastic.  The Clear App is exactly what I needed.  It is easy to use, it feels like writing lists on paper and it is fun to use.  I have lists going for work, the week and weekend. I love it.

4. Blog Four Times a Week - I think there was a week or two where I didn't make it, but I've been a lot better about blogging overall than I have in a long time.

So goodbye to February.  Hello to March, one of my favorite months.  Hooray!

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