Disney Child

Today turned out to be surprisingly emotional. I wasn't expecting it and when I don't expect it, it is harder to control. Today we went to Walt Disney World.

I am a Disney child. I grew up watching the Wonderful World of Disney, I listened to Disney records as my music growing up, I watched all the movies. Growing up I remember watching scenes from Disneyland on TV and wishing that I could go there, and knowing in my heart I never would. And today even though I didn't go to Disneyland I had the Disney experience and it was fantastic.

I did so many things that I saw as a child. Sitting in the Country Bear Jamboree was the first time that all of the emotions and memories came flooding back. After that the dam was open. We rode Pirates of the Caribbean, the Jungle Cruise and It's a Small World After All and I felt like a kid on each one. We saw a 3-D short movie featuring Disney music and I teared up because this music is in my soul. That may sound melodramatic but it's true. I got to see actors bust into song on Main Street, a show at the castle steps complete with Mickey and Minnie Mouse and the Disney princesses, and even part of a parade down Main Street.

I bought my very own pair of mouse ears and got my name stitched on the back. I wore them proudly the whole rest of the day without being embarrassed or shy like I normally am. I even got a button that said first visit. I felt like a kid the whole time in the most delightful way.

I had teared up at various points throughout the day but getting ready to leave the tears really started coming (thank goodness for sunglasses). I still haven't figured out why I reacted that way, and I will be thinking about it for weeks to come, but I think that some of it has to be that for one pure moment in time I was free to just be happy with no inhibitions. I don't get that very often.

Today was a magical day. I am happy to reconnect with that Disney child and she will definitely be going back to the land where dreams come true.

Disney Child


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