Crawling Up

When last I left you I was spiraling down.  Now I'm crawling back up.  Slowly, but at least I'm headed in a better direction.  In fact after I published that last post I got up and started picking things up.  That's why I love to blog.  It gets the stuff out of my head.  It is therapeutic for me.

I was SO behind on so many things.  It was so bad that I actually took a bunch of clothes to the wash and fold.  I've never done that before so I partly did it just to see what it was like.  This was also precipitated by the fact that one of the two washers in my complex is not working so it was very hard to get laundry done.  The wash and fold was great.  I wish I could afford it all the time, but alas I can not.  I would rather spend my money on other things like.... a cleaning service!  

I finally found a cleaning service I like.  I had a wonderful lady that cleaned my apartment when I lived in east Houston.  Unfortunately River Oaks is too far for her to drive.  I first decided not to pursue a cleaning service since my move here conincided with having to pay $20 a week to get Gypsy her kidney failure fluids.  I toyed with the idea off and on, and I was in such a black hole the last couple of weeks that I decided to try again and thankfully I found a place I really like.  I was very happy with the job and I've already booked them for the future.  I like that they do 2 and 3 week rotations.  Not sure if I'll be able to swing 2 all the time, but I'm going to try.

I am much poorer than I was even this morning because I took my car in to get serviced and it cost $800.  Ouch!  It was one of the things I wanted to do with my refund money and I finally got it done but that's about $300 more than I was expecting.  Oh well.  It was nice to have a padded account for a while.  Now I really need to get myself tracking my money.

All these things though are adding up to a brighter home life.  Clean apartment, clean clothes, chores being finished, plans being made.  Hopefully I'm crawling out of the hole that I've been nesting in for the last 6 weeks or so.

Now if I could just get my social life moving as well. 


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