40 for 40

On the 25th I will turn 40.  That's one of those big numbers that is supposed to have a lot of meaning in life.  If I let myself I could really dwell on where my life is and more likely where my life is not at this birthday milestone, but I don't feel like going down that inevitably negative path.  

Instead I am going to do something for somebody else and I invite you to join me.  Project Night Night is an organization that creates care packages (bags actually) for homeless children.  In each bag is a blanket, a stuffed animal and a book, things that are all  a comfort to anyone, but especially to a child that is already dealing with so much instability.

 Books are definitely an escape and comfort for me.  Some of my favorite books are the ones that I read in times of greatest turmoil.  They allowed me to escape from my personal struggles and fall into their world.  They gave my mind a break from its weary toil.  Many of these books have been read so much that their covers are falling off.  I know that many of you feel the same way about reading.

For my 40th birthday I would like to get 40 donations to Project Night Night.  If you would like to help me out there are two easy ways.

1.) Project Night Night Amazon Wish List
Just head over to the organization's Amazon Wish List and pick out a book (or two, or three!).  Add it to your cart and when you check out it will allow you to send the books directly to Project Night Night. I know a lot of you shop Amazon regularly and / or have Amazon Prime.  Some of the things on the list are only $5.  You can do it!

2.) Sponsor a Night Night Package
You can sponsor a whole care package for just $20.

If you do either of these things please let me know in the comments, by email, on Twitter or on Facebook.  I will be keeping track of all the donations here on this page.  Feel free to spread the word to friends, family and strangers alike.  The more the merrier and a life full of merry times is my 40th birthday wish. 


UPDATE: We did it!  Tonight's grand total topped 40!! Thank you so much to everyone who donated books and care packages to Project Night Night.  You can see the roll call in my comments of this post.  I can honestly say that I haven't had this much fun leading up to my birthday for a very long time.  The people who run Project Night Night know about our little project here and are grateful for your support.  I will be donating $40 worth of books to finish it off.  

Ok 40.  I'm ready.  Bring it. 

Night Night Post Script