My 40th

Two years ago I had one of the worst birthdays I have ever had.  I was sad and broken and very lonely. While driving around Texas trying to escape these demons I thought of my 40th birthday.  A milestone event.  In the frame of mind I was in I couldn't imagine it being anything but more than the same sad and lonely place that I was in but magnified because of the significance of the age.

I definitely couldn't imagine it being as great as it turned out to be.  Doing the Project Night Night goal was THE BEST decision I could have made.  It made the days before my birthday fun and interesting. I was targeting the day for positive happy reasons instead of sad and lonely ones.  My actual birthday itself turned out to be frustrating at work but it didn't really matter because the lead up was so great.

And birthday celebrations continued into the weekend.  If this is any indication of what my 40s is going to be like, then I can't wait. 

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