Time to Close

I think it is time to shutter my Flickr group.  I think I always knew when it would be time and it is time.   Participation has been dwindling and non-existent this month.  I know that people can make excuses about not having time, but the whole point of being in an assignment group is to carve out the time to participate.  Even if I had entries (and I am sure some will trickle in) I also think that the dwindling participation on Flickr is a factor.  It's just time. 

Now I need to decide some things.  I think I may start a general Houston group so that we have a good place to have discussions.  But I'm not sure everyone will move over.  I have considered turning AH into the general group, but I want to reserve the right to start the group up again at some future point and it would be hard to do that if it was turned into a general group.

I know I want to do something with Houston photography, but I also have to decide if I even want to do it through Flickr at all.  The logical current place would be Facebook, but I refuse to put my photos on Facebook so that's not going to work for me.  And I'm not sure what to do with the AH Twitter account.  Or maybe I just need to step away and not run anything for a while.  It would feel really weird for me, but it may be freeing as well.  

Decision, decisions.  

Heir of Novron

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