A Panamanian Thanksgiving Day 4

Well it's seven months after my trip to Panama at Thanksgiving so maybe I should finish up my travelogues don't you think? You can see the previous logs here, here, and here.

Gamboa Resort DoorFor the last day in the rain forest I slept in for a change not needing to get any more sunrise pictures. Once we were packed we went down to breakfast.  On the way back I took a leisurely stroll to take photos of the doors of the Gamboa resort.  All the doors have carvings of different animals that you can find in the rain forest and they are really wonderful.

Then it was time for a teary goodbye to the rain forest, at least on my part because I loved it so, and off to the city. I was truly enchanted by the sounds of the rain, the rustle of the wind through the trees and the songs of the birds.  I didn't think it was possible, but it might even possibly edge out the beach as my favorite natural landscape.  I felt completely at peace there.  

We had a private driver for the trip into Panama City and our destination of Trump Ocean Club Hotel Panama. This was an addition to our trip and I'm so glad we did it. This was all thanks to my aunt. I will probably never stay in another Trump Hotel but it sure was fun. I love staying in hotels, the nicer the better, and Trump is certainly at the top of the list.

Trump RoomWhen we got to the hotel we had a bellman who took us upstairs to the lobby, and then another bell man who took us to the room. There was a glass elevator that gives you a view of the city going up and down the elevator. The room was as chichi as you would expect. It wasn't very big and had two extremely fluffy beds and a free standing bathtub. The toilet and the shower were each enclosed in their own glass closets. The room had a balcony where you could see the Pacific Ocean (if you looked to the far right).  Directly in front of the balcony was a view of the hotel being built next to the Trump.  I love delighting in all the fussy little extras that that showed we were in a fancy hotel. What can I say, I love being spoiled. 

We went looking for lunch and wandered into areas of the hotel that were still under construction. It actually  had only been open a few months when we visited. The casino and the private island (ooo la la) were still not open. My aunt says that's just another reason to go back and I won't argue with her. We found a seaside restaurant that wasn't open but will have great views once it is. We eventually found a little wine bar in an unfinished shopping area that had sandwiches to eat and they were quite tasty. After that we wandered through the gift shop and then took the hotel shuttle to one of the local malls.

The mall was the MultiPlaza and it is obviously geared towards the wealthy visiting Panama.  It had high end stores like Cartier, Bvlgari, Fendi, Hermes, etc. It even had a  "Mac" store which made me laugh since there are no Apple stores in Panama. It was black and white rip off right in the middle of the mall.  I have never been a fan of shopping malls (I rarely go) and I am even less of a fan of visiting malls while on vacation.  We went back to the hotel and rested there for a while before heading to my family's for dinner.

As a funny aside, I took some time to visit the pool deck and on the way down I talked to a seriously good looking bellhop who happened to have family that lives in Houston. I will admit to fun daydreams of dating him and living half my life in Panama and the other half in Houston.  It was fun to dream. 

That night was another family gathering, another Thanksgiving in Panama. Normally my cousin Sergio is my rock in these situations. He is my translator, around my age, and we have a lot of similar personality characteristics. I feel very comfortable with him. But this time Sergio was not available and his wife Elsa stepped in.  I was originally nervous about it but it gave me a chance to get to know her.  She is beautiful inside and out.  I met some new cousins, had a chance to talk to a lively girl that one of my brothers was newly dating and had the chance to talk to one of my sisters in depth. I feel more comfortable with each family gathering as evidenced by my appetite.  I really like the Panamanian version of the tamale! And I really need to learn Spanish. After the gathering we went back to our hotel where I decided that the bed was way too soft and closed out day number four in Panama.



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