Sleepless in Seattle

Nora Ephron died today.  If you don't know the name right away you probably are much younger than me or not a hopeless romantic.  There were no tears tonight but there has been a lot of reminiscing.  I love When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless in Seattle and You've Got Mail.  I remember seeing Sleepless in Seattle in the movie theater, and as someone that doesn't go to a lot of movies, that's a big deal.

I don't own any of the movies so when word came down this evening that she passed away I looked online to see my options.  Netflix had Sleepless  so I decided to watch it.  It was wonderful as always, but it was also a time machine.  When the opening started and the map of the US slowly came into view I was transported to another time.  I went back and visited my younger self.  

I was 22 when this movie came out.  I was a junior in college and was still a lonely, single, never been kissed, hopeless romantic.  Watching this movie at 22 my heart burst with hope.  I longed for the romance of the movie.  In fact one of the lines that hit me the most then (and now) is when Rosie O' Donnell's character tells Meg Ryan's character that she doesn't want to be in love, but she wants to be in love in a movie.  That's me!  And I still think that's me.  There are segments about women being single in their 40s and still looking for love.  My 22 year old self clung to the hope that I would never been too old to find romance.  That I wouldn't have to settle for a Walter and that there would always be a Sam out there for me. My 40 year old self  has that same hope.   It was the strangest experience, but I really felt like I was watching it with a shadow of my 22 year old self and I could feel her hopes, her dreams, her emotions as she watched it for the first time.  It was a little surreal

I'm not sure I'll have the same feeling when I watch When Harry Met Sally (which I saw on TV first) and You've Got Mail but I got them in my Netflix queue to ship next.  I'm looking forward to sitting down with some of my favorite movies and revisiting a time when I was a young, hopeless romantic.  My romantic heart has been through a lot since then, but I am glad that I am still that person who gets swept away with an impossible romance.  That I still want to be in love in a movie.  Because I still have hope and as long as I have hope I'll be ok.

Annie Reed: Now that was when people KNEW how to be in love. They knew it! Time, distance... nothing could separate them because they knew. It was right. It was real. It was... 
Becky: A movie! That's your problem! You don't want to be in love. You want to be in love in a movie. 


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