My New Cookbook

I am trying out a new cookbook and I have high hopes.  I know, I know.  I say that EVERY TIME I am trying out a new cookbook.  Well as I said in my last post hope springs eternal and not just about romance.  

I've seen this book on people's best book lists for years.  I've looked at reviews, but it just never seemed like it would be a fit for me.  I even went to look at it in the book store but it was big and heavy, had only a few photos and they were all hand drawings and it just didn't feel right.  During my recent cookbook search frenzy I ran across this video of the cookbook author making a roasted asparagus dish.  A few days later I was at the grocery store and walked by some asparagus and the recipe popped into my head.  I decided to give it a try.  Once I got home I realized I didn't have bread crumbs, but I improvised and that sold me on the book.  The fact that the recipe was easy, that I thought about it while in the store, I executed it easily and it tasted good.  

I just finished reading the introduction and I have high hopes.  Mr. Bittman talks about all the things I've been thinking about the last few years.  The fact that cooking should be simple and uncomplicated, that we should be cooking at home instead of eating out and that we should learn simple basic recipes and then learn different variations.  

Cross your fingers.  I'll let you know.  


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