Half a Year Resolution Check In

February was the last time I checked in with my New Year's resolutions.  From the long silence you can guess how well they are going.  I would touch on aspects of each of them, but I didn't necessarily keep on track with all of them.  Here is my updated list:

Mirror Project Weekly
Everyday App
Photowalk Once a Month

I still want to do the mirror projects and I have been woeful about taking everyday app photos.  Now that Assignment Houston is closed I think the photowalks are going to be more important than ever.  There was a fourth item and that was to post to Instagram 3x a week.  I think that this part of the resolution was successful because my goal was to become more comfortable with Instagram and I am.  I don't think I need an arbitrary posting schedule for it anymore so I have eliminated that. 

Food & Drink
Make a Weekly Meal Plan
Eat at home 4 nights a week
Bake Once a Month
Drink More Water and Tea

I left all four of these exactly as they are because I still want to achieve them in exactly this way.

Personal Improvement
Track Spending
Put Things Away
Make the Thought Count

I eliminated get involved with a charity from this one.  Does that make me a terrible person?  Part of it was that I wanted to get out and keep myself busy and other things have popped up to fill that void.  The other three are still in place.

Feel Good/Look Good
One Piece of Clothing Each Month
Ride/Walk Three Times a Week
Look Best Each Time I Go Out

I combined the walking and riding goals into one general "get out three times a week" goal.  I have been shameful on the other two and they are both really necessary so they are staying.

Free Time
35 Books in 2012
Weekly To Do List
Blog Four Times a Week

I eliminated make a weekly checklist from the resolutions.  Same as the charity, I wanted a list to stop me from staying in all the time and force me to get out and do stuff and that is starting to happen naturally so I don't feel like I need the list.  I did make an adjustment to the book goal.  I had originally set out to read 20 books this year and I have already met that goal.  Hooray!  So I adjusted it to 35.  Yay me!

So here we go with the back half of 2012.  Onward. 

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