What's in a name

I have always been hesitant to name people in this blog.  I don't share my name here although it is easy to find and I don't feel comfortable sharing someone else's name.  Plus I always was drawn to blogs that had clever names for the cast of characters inhabiting the bloggers life.  Houstonian Little Ms. Bossy was a genius at this.  Even without referring to her blog I can list off CameraMan, Mama and Papa Bossy, the Wise Soprano, My Gay Husband, The New Oregonian, etc.  And there is also the Busy Mom blog with Busy Mom, Busy Dad, Busy Girl, Busy Boy, etc.  I even remember a blog that had all their people named after cuts of meat.

I am not a clever person and I'm terrible at naming things.  Many times my photos end up with names like tree, water, tree in water, white, blue, blue & white, well you get the idea.   I frequently say that the most creative thing I have done in recent years is come up with the name laanba (first two initials of my first, middle and last name) and I think that used up all my creative juices.

But my new desire to blog and better document my days needs to include a handful of names and I don't want to use people's real names (although to be honest they have shown up here and there already).  So you may start seeing some "names" popping up around here.  And I fully give myself permission to change my mind and try more than one as I try to figure it out.  

The only one that pops in my head is the Fiery Readhead except she is more sweet than fiery (at least to me) so that one isn't going to work for me.  And what do I call the thoughtful friend from high school? And my work cohort?  Several people have similar relationships to me so I have to keep them separate. And what if they already have a nickname they use like I use laanba.  Do I use that or something else?  Oy.  This is going to be hard. 


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