Doctor, Doctor Part Deux

So I went back to the doctor today to get the results of my blood tests and to talk about anti-anxiety medication.  Most of my test came back ok.  My cholesterol was fine so pass the butter.  My sugar level was a little high, but not diabetic high.  Basically I just need to have a little more self discipline when it comes to desserts (ha.... good luck with this one).  

There are some other tests results that I am keeping to myself because, well I am, but let's talk about vitamin deficiency.  Apparently I am super low in vitamin D.  If you look up vitamin D deficiency it links to about every disease known to man so I could keel over at any minute.  Some of the symptoms it lists are low energy, depression, sleeping problems and mood swings.  Well I have all of that.  And I am going to start on an anti-anxiety medication as well so off to the pharmacy.

I have now gone from taking zero pills each day to taking 5 pills a day (that includes a vitamin supplement and a vitamin D supplement).  

I will say once again that I like my doctor a lot.  While I was looking on the internet for the various things I have been diagnosed with (including the vitamin thing) I saw lots of posts and articles about how people's doctors wouldn't test for something unless specifically asked.  I am so glad, despite my new pill count, that the doctor gently talked me into all these tests.  I am now going to be one of those people who goes to the doctor.  Weird.  

And then hours later:

Yep.  Came back to add that I have now had my first mammogram.  It is just going to be doctor central around here for a while.  I decided to take an ignorance is bliss approach to the mammogram and unlike every single other thing in my life I didn't read or research a single thing about it.  And I do think ignorance is bliss.  I was nervous and anxious, because I always am around medical stuff, but it wasn't bad.  It didn't even really hurt that much.  I feel sorry for women who have, um, less than I do because I can imagine it gets uncomfortable.  Of course there will be some lingering anxiety until I get the test results back, but check it off as another thing I'm glad I did.

The Call Back

July 4