Doctor Part 17

I'm so tired of doctor stuff.  I bet you are too.  I've been imagining that first day back to work when everyone asks what your summer was like.  My answer?  One doctor appointment and health crisis after another.  Doesn't sound like a very good summer does it?  The funny thing is that even though it feels like vacation is almost over I still have 27 days or about half my break left.  It just feels busy because the calendar is starting to fill up and August is starting to loom.

I truly am tired of having to think about health stuff so this will be short and sweet.  I had to see a gynecologist for an abnormal pap smear result.  The doctor was very nice and she rightly lectured me for not getting regular tests.  I will have to get a biopsy done and then they will know how to treat the abnormal cells.  It can range from another pap smear in a few months to a procedure where I would have to be in the hospital.  This has to be done because these are the steps you take so that you do not get cervical cancer so I can hardly ignore it.  

I miss my ignorance is bliss days when I didn't go to the doctor at all.  I can never go back to those days again.  I imagine this all would probably have been easier if I had been going to the doctor on a regular basis instead of hiding from it my whole adult life.  Oh well.  Time to be a grown up. 

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