Nerdist Live

I am a podcast listener.  When I'm commuting to work I listen to podcasts.  In my dream world I would turn the TV and computer off and listen to podcasts while I cook, clean and do chores.  That one doesn't happen as much because I am internet addicted.  

But I do love my podcasts and last night I got to see a live taping of one of my long time shows, The Nerdist.  I first started following Chris Hardwick after seeing him on Craig Ferguson.   I've been listening since episodes in the early 30s and they are now in the 230s.  Chris hosts the show with two friends Jonah Ray and Matt Mira.  They are nerdy and geeky and often very raunchy but fun.

As soon as I knew they were coming to Houston I bought the ticket but I have had some anxiety about it ever since.  Going to a show like this is definitely out of my comfort zone or my experience and while I didn't imagine that I would skip it I didn't like thinking about it and I wasn't excited for it.  But yesterday came,  I buckled down, got dressed and went.  Thankfully, as is always the case, it was much easier than my anxiety beforehand led me to believe.  I sat with a Twitter friend, had a wonderful time, laughed much and got my ticket signed.  SO glad that I went.



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