Brain Dump

I've been on a higher dose of my anxiety medicine for about two weeks and I can tell that it is helping.  This morning was the first day in a long time that my brain woke me up with chatter.  I'm going to chalk it up to school starting Monday and lots left to be done.

I still have my anxiety tendencies but they are much diminished.  I feel like I'm able to control them a little better and/or they don't paralyze me.  Now I have to learn how to control my anxiety like normal people do.   

This is a memo to myself to always shop at Staples first.  I went to Office Depot and while that isn't a bad store I really love the products at Staples.  And at Office Depot I had to explain several times to the employee what a message pad is.  You know the kind you take phone messages on?  He honest to goodness did not know.  He asked me if I wanted a tablet... or was I talking about leaving a voice message.  Wow people, just wow.

I feel bad that I have barely posted on my photoblog in August.  I just haven't been interested in processing my photos.  I really hope (and I really believe) that once I'm fully back in school routine that I will get to it.  They are piling up though and I'm going to Animefest next weekend with Mr. Mellow so they will increase.  I'm taking the photos but not processing them.  Just another vote in my mind to do more film work.  Less processing.

On that note I have potentially sold licensing rights to one of my photos.  I'm waiting to be paid so until I have the money I don't feel like it is real.  But if that money does show up then I am going to buy a new film camera.  It is the Fuji Natura Classica and its major feature is working in low light.  That is one of my favorite kinds of light to shoot in but it has been a struggle with film cameras.  I'm very excited about getting this camera.

I have to go in to work today (so do a lot of other teachers around the state).  Then I'm going to hang out with Mr. Mellow tonight and I think we may go to Galveston tomorrow.  I'm so looking forward to it and doing something completely disconnected from my every day.  It will be a great way to unwind. 


Heigh Ho