Seasons Box - January

Remember when I talked about the subscription boxes that I had subscribed to?  There was another box that I was interested in subscribing to but I waited because I had already subscribed to two, it was the most expensive of the lot and I wanted to see if I even liked the subscription model to begin with.  But I knew in the back of my mind that I would probably end up subscribing because I saw a preview of the January box and it was so beautiful.

Then two weeks ago I had a really bad stretch of days at work (yes, 2013 has sucked pretty hard so far and I have spent much of the year crying).  I came home after a particular bad day and I went straight to the Seasons Box website and signed up for three months (retail therapy I guess).  I figured since I signed up in the latter half of January my first box would be the February box and when I received a shipment notice that my first box would arrive on February 1st, I definitely thought so.  

February 1st is the day Gypsy died so I had no desire to open it.  Last night I finally decided to look at it because I needed some distraction.  When I opened it I got a wonderful surprise.  They had sent me the January box.  The one that I had seen earlier in the month with such beautiful and pampering things like shea cream and bath bombs.  The theme of the January box was Soft & Cozy. This was definitely a gift to myself and it is much needed.  I have Pre-UIL on Thursday and I already have plans for the bath tea that evening.  After sitting with this box for a little bit and seeing what is upcoming in February I've decided to cancel my Ipsy Glam Bag.  This box is much more along the lines of the girlie, pampering that I am interested in.

Here are the things that were in my box:

Hand-Woven Scarf
Cathedral Candle - Cinnamon Cranberry
Whipped Shea Butter
Herbal Tea Bath (with a seeded envelope that will grow flowers!)
Bath Bombs (Bonus Item - I have a mini version of this)


24 Hours