One Week

One week since I said goodbye to my sweet kitty.  What a terrible, awful, horrible week.  I am so glad it is over.

Not that I have been sad the whole time.  I have laughed this week, and have had moments where life felt semi-normal, and even a few times when I could think about Gypsy and not be sad.  But overall this week has been a struggle.  I have cried every day.  I miss our daily interactions so much.  Piled on top of it were stressful things on top of more stressful things at work and then my body deciding late in the week that it might be fun to start feeling lousy and run down.  Dragging myself to the finish line that in my head was Friday was difficult.  

I am going to treat myself to a bath and a cry tonight and hope that I can have a restorative weekend. 

Bringing in 41