Bringing in 41

For one of the first times my birthday has stretched into days and it is lovely.  Wednesday I went to dinner with my co-workers as you can see here.

Thursday was a testing day so I didn't see my students.  Band Mama baked me a pineapple cake which is fabulous and we had a pot luck lunch with fabulous things.  I stuffed myself silly.  After work I met The Boyfriend and we went to a screening of Star Trek: The Next Generation's "The Best of Both Worlds."  It was a one night only event and it happened to land on my birthday.  They had some technical issues but it was still enjoyable to watch my favorite episode on the big screen.  When we were filing out of the theater a woman ahead of me stopped, raised her hands up and said "THESE ARE MY PEOPLE."  Hilarious because I AM one of those people.  Star Trek on my birthday.

Friday we were back in classes and strangely it felt more like my birthday celebrating with the kids.  Lots of happy birthdays and loud, bad singing (yes, yes I'm the choir teacher, but they still love to sing that song terribly).  I also got gifts and food and balloons and handmade cards and signs.  The kids were so happy and it was so sweet.

Among the things I received over the last few days was this AMAZING watch from The Boyfriend.  Star Wars is both of our favorite movies and I love R2-D2.  I literally, and I mean literally, squealed when I saw it!

So far it has been a three day celebration and it will stretch to Sunday when The Boyfriend and I go out for a belated birthday dinner and I see a class on Monday that I didn't see today.  Overall 41 has come in with a bang.

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