The final piece to my new home is in place and that is the addition of a new cat companion, Riva. 

She is 1 year and 3 months and I got her from the SPCA.  She has already been a mom and her previously family brought her and her kittens in because they didn't have the time for them. 

It's a little weird right now for both of us.  She doesn't feel like my cat, more like I'm cat sitting for someone.  Last night she would barely come out of the closet where we first started getting acquainted and she woke me up several times with meowing.  Yet this morning when I opened the bedroom door she made a beeline for the rest of the apartment and spent a frenzied hour exploring.  So far she doesn't jump on anything (not even the bed or sofa) but scratches on everything.   She purrs like crazy and likes to rub against me and loves for me to pet her or scratch her head.  I will admit to missing my Gypsy just a little bit but I am making a concerted effort not to compare.  I know that we have only known each other about 16 hours and Gypsy and I had 17 years.

I think she is going to be a great little cat once the two of us adjust to each other.  As for the name she was originally called Banditta (um.. no).  I like to name things from books that I love and Riva is the name of a country in the Belgariad fantasy series.  I was looking over a list of character names and as soon as I saw it, it clicked. 

So here we go on another kitty adventure.  

The Beginning

West, TX