Like Martha, but for the craftily challenged

The Bloggess has a wonderful post up on some of her favorite things.  I love getting recommendations from others and I am getting ready to sit down and go through the comments which will probably quadruple the size of my Amazon wish list.  Because no matter how much I loved watching Oprah’s favorite things, the only thing I could afford was usually the one item I wasn’t interested in. 

So what is my contribution to this fabulous list?  For the Makers.  I have entered this phase where I want to make things with my hands and have pretty things, but I am seriously challenged.  I spent most of my life ignoring the cooking, the decorating, the fashion, the make-up and the hands on crafting that other girls seem to know how to do.  As I started to become interested in these things I realized how far behind I was and that is why For the Makers is perfect for me.  

Everything you need for four projects is in the box and their website has detailed explanations.  In just the last few months I have made a keychain I love, necklaces, paperweight and one night I even found myself contentedly stitching for almost 30 minutes.   I didn’t know who I was anymore but it was fun.  That doesn’t sound like a lot but that is because of the end of the school year and the move I am seriously behind.  Waiting for me is bags and earrings and all kinds of other cool things.

You can get the boxes on a monthly subscription and they now have a shop where you can order specific projects so if you have dreamed of being like Martha give it a try.