Litter Box Blues

I think new kitty and I are finally getting settled in. I know she has put on weight since I got her a few weeks ago and it almost seems like she has grown some although at a year and three months she should have already been full grown. I didn’t think she looked unhealthy when I got her, but she looks even more healthy now.

The one struggle we have had is where to put the litter box. This apartment has one of the best layouts I have ever had in an apartment except for litter box placement, It has been an almighty struggle.

I first tried the clothes closet but I worried about my clothes smelling. I think part of that problem was the brand of litter I was trying ( I will never buy that brand again).

So then I decided to try the bottom of my bathroom linen closet. It felt claustrophobic but I thought we could work with it. Then I came home and found my nail polish box, which lives two shelves above, in the litter box. Buried in the litter were my polishes and sharp tools. The only thing I can think of is that she tried to jump on to one of the upper shelves (although how she had room I have no idea) and knocked it down. This will obviously not work because if she did something like that at the beginning of the day, I would come home to a mess.

So now we are trying a corner in my bedroom. It is out of sight and it is not so cramped. There is nothing above it for her to knock down. My only concern is smells especially when I am sleeping but I think it will be ok. It is definitely aided by the fabulous Precious Cat Ultra that I am now using. No perfumes or scents and it covers odors really well. It is more expensive but worth it.

I am thankful that kitty didn’t let the multiple litter box location phase her. Hopefully third time is the charm.

Beauty Me