Beauty Me

Among other errands today, I stopped by ULTA. I meant to go just to check it out but of course I can’t walk in without spending some money.

Places like this used to scare me. Well maybe not scare me, but they definitely made me uncomfortable. I was out of my element. I remember going to Sephora with a work friend who is much more knowledgeable about such things and feeling completely lost. She told me that she likes to come in, look around and just play. I know what she means because I like doing those things at a bookstore or gift/card shop or an electronics store. Until recently I never did it at things like a craft store and definitely not at a place filled with beauty products.

ULTA is perfect for me because it has a mix of drugstore and more professional end cosmetics. It is easy for me to walk from one side to the other and not feel intimidated. I can still leave with my Revlon or L’Oreal and mix it in with the expensive stuff.

Today I bought a few things to replace my nail polish supplies that had to get tossed because it ended up in the litter box. I know this isn’t a surprise, but I’m not great at doing my nails either (Ms Meliorate is working on it!) I also bought an item that I saw on The Bloggess’ good things comments section and that is the Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer (in Peony).

I have been addicted to What Not to Wear this summer and bought a eyeshadow palette (Too Faced Matte Eye Collection) that I think might help me achieve the Carmindy Five Minute Face. One thing I need to work on is that I may not get it right the first time but not to give up. I have a tendency to think if it doesn’t work right away then it won’t work at all. I need to learn how to use the products and be ok if it isn’t perfect the first time (practice, practice, practice). The texture of the eyeshadow is very smooth, soft and inviting and I love the colors. Of course I also realized I am going to need some eye shadow brushes.  Back to ULTA!

Litter Box Blues