Bye Bye Ash

This summer, thanks to the return of cable and a DVR, I have gotten hooked on What Not To Wear.  I am a late bloomer and I am just now figuring out at 41 what most women learned in their 20s.  This show sends such a positive message to accept yourself at any size, to find things that flatter you and most importantly to take time to feel good about yourself.

This couldn’t come at a better time for me as I have finally focusing on these things I’ve ignored all my life.  Thus yesterday I did something I’ve never done before.  I got my hair colored.

I spent a long time looking for a place I could trust.  As I mentioned before,   I have been intimidated in the past by the places of beauty and style.  I wanted to find a place that did not seem pretentious and where I could feel comfortable.  Totally hit the jackpot with Hairway to Heaven.  First, the logo is awesome and screams 80s child to me and I was right.  That’s my tribe!  Barb was so knowledgable and patient and answered my endless questions.

When I was sitting in the chair it was shocking to see how gray my hair was on top.  I seem to remember it being a few strands through my curls but my hair was the color of ash.  Barb went two shades lighter than my natural color but it was so ashy that it actually ended up looking darker.  

When she was done I couldn’t believe it.   It was the hair color I had in high school.  I am amazed about how gray it had become and amazed how the change makes me feel.

And let’s just say that The Boyfriend was excited.

So a big step forward for me.  One step on a long and exciting journey. 

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