Brain Dump

- I thought I was lazy most of this summer with sleeping, watching TV, surfing the net and more sleeping, but I have really brought it to a new level the last few days.  Closing out summer with a long sleepy snore.  

- I tried the kayak out on Sunday evening.  I’m very undecided about whether I should keep it or return it (180 day free trial).  I think my body frame may not be right since it has high sides and I have short arms.  One thing I did learn was that I really enjoyed being on the water.  

- I have run across this very interesting cooking blog.  I bought the e-book for the 2 minute meal planning and studied it this evening.  I really like the idea of using the recipe templates were you can switch in and out items.  I think this would be a great way to really learn how to cook.  I want to be able to come home and make something from what I have at home.  Looking for recipes and meal planning takes too much time.  Now the only thing is that I have to be patient.  I am going to have to LEARN and take the time to learn.  I have high hopes but I also see I have a very long way to go.

- I’ve linked my photography site in the sidebar.  I am still getting a feel but I think I will use Instagram for my every day photos and VSCO Grid for my more formal photography work.  Check it out.

- The Boyfriend randomly has tomorrow off so we get to spend the day together.  I’m looking forward to it.  And then I WILL go to the grocery store to stock up and to stop eating take out.  Summer is coming to a close. 

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