A Tale of Two Apartments

Former apartment.  Late 1950s construction.  One solid wall was floor to ceiling windows that faced the kitchen and the living room/dining.  Flat roof.  2nd floor.  It got VERY hot in the summer with all that glass.  The only room that had a chance of being coolish was the bedroom which had one narrow window.

Current apartment.  1980s construction.  Outer wall that lines bedroom and closet is the outer wall for the building.  Gets afternoon light so it is the warmest room in the apartment.  Had to buy thermal curtains to help with the heat  Window in the bedroom and sliding doors in living room which looks onto patio.  Those are the windows.

Came home today about 3:00 p.m., turned the air on, shut the patio blinds and basically sat in a dark, cool cave. I am a big fan of natural light and always loved the amount of light at my old apartment but being able to actually sit in a cool, dark room during a heat advisory is priceless.

I ate a zucchini

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