One Month

Today Ms. Riva McDiva Moggett has been with me for one month.  At times it feels a lot longer than that and at other times I feel like I don’t know her at all. She definitely has a big personality and she is very different than my sweet Gypsy who passed away in February.  

Lately I’ve taken to calling her toddler kitty because she is into everything.  She RUNS everywhere, rarely does she walk.  She constantly wants to play and wants 100% attention all the time.  She plays with the Friskies game on my iPad and she is regularly distracted by the images on the TV.  She frequently talks and when she goes into a different room and wants attention she lets out these ear piercing yowls.  It still makes me jump thinking she is in pain and when I go into the room she is in her play position crouch. 

There are still some things she is unsure about even after a month.  I can tell that she is more comfortable but that she still has her guard up at times.  It is nice to have someone to talk to and she frequently makes me laugh with her wild ways. 

There are many times when I have almost called her Gypsy, and there are a few times where it slipped out.  I miss my sweet, calm kitty but I’m glad this wild, crazy toddler kitty is here to keep me company.  So here is to our first month together.


Toddler Kitty strikes again!

I ate a zucchini