Toddler Kitty strikes again!

I am not a morning person so the transition back to school hours is a difficult one.  It is not helped by the fact that I have to take an antihistamine each weekday night because of my allergy shots.  I’ve slowly been rolling back the time that I’ve turned off the light and gone to sleep.  Sunday night it was past midnight, the next night 11:45, and the next 11:15.  I was very proud of myself when I turned the light off last night at 10:45.

I wasn’t sleeping very well and I woke up about 3:45 to go to the restroom.  And then …. Attack of Toddler Kitty!  Riva decided it would be a good time to play.  In the past she’s done this one or two times for a few minutes and then stopped.  Last night, it was an HOUR.  Attacking toes, attacking legs and hands.  I tried to ignore it but at one point she very gently swiped my face with her paw (no claws thankfully).  Her way of saying… let’s play!

And then she discovered she could play her favorite sofa game on my bed.  It involves digging underneath and on top of pillows, searching and leaping for imaginary things.  Once she realized that she really went to town.  I tried various things like ignoring her or putting her off the bed, but it didn’t really work.  When she decided that my hair would be an awesome thing to play with, I really got serious about it.  She finally settled down and then I had to try to eek in another hour of sleep.

Last night and this morning I’m more amused than anything.  I know I will have a much different attitude when it is really a school night.  It’s like I have a true kitten but in a grown up body.

Oh Toddler Kitty, you are a trip.

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