Decisions, Decisions

I will soon be the owner of a new iPhone 5S.  I only get an iPhone every other build so I am very excited to move up to retina display and the longer iPhone.  

My workhouse case has been "There and Back Again" which I bought from Society6.  I love this case because I know how geeky it is (a subway map of Middle Earth) but it doesn’t scream geek and it is not overwhelming.  I still love it is time for a change.

So now I’m getting ready for a new phone and a new case.  This is what I found just tonight.  I thought I would decide tonight but now I see that I may have to get a temporary case until I make my final decision.


So far I’ve got the Prancing Pony, the White Tree, a Hufflepuff uniform, the Marauder’s Map in this beautiful blue, the Shire, the Deathly Hallows and a very artistic Princess Leia.  Eeee….. so many awesome geeky choices.


Book of Mormon