Ever have one of those perfect moments in time?  Where everything lines up and you just enjoy life, living and the moment?  I had one of those Saturday when I went to Maas Nursery.

I love gardens and nurseries which is funny because I’m a terrible gardener and I’m not a big fan of the things that come with outdoors (insects, snakes… creepy creatures).  But manicured gardens and places that sell all those plants and pots are wonderful.  I went to Maas while I was on the hunt for a certain set of wind chimes.  It was overcast and the temperature was perfect.  It was quiet, peaceful and green and for 20 minutes or so I just wandered around looking at plants, listening to the birds and enjoying nature.  Plus the fact that Maas is just a super cool place.  I’m looking forward to going back when I have more time to look.

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