Clean Change

I’m going to try to live up to the Ms Meliorate name today and change the way I clean the house.  My normal procedure is watch TV, do a few minutes, watch some more TV do a few minutes, get on the computer, forget for 30 minutes that I’m supposed to be cleaning, etc.  This “system” takes me all day.

Today I’m going to listen to some of my podcasts, which I normally reserve for my commute, and see if I can work straight through and actually have some weekend left on the other side.  Here goes.

Update:  Been at it about 2 hours.  Thorough cleaning of bedroom and bathroom with a small bit of reorganization along the way.  Did I mention my mom and aunt are coming next weekend. Yeah, now you know.  Took a 5 minute break but now I am back up and on to the kitchen.

Update 2:  Well I hate to say it but The Boyfriend was right (this was his idea.)  I was basically done by noon so easily a little over 3 hours.  This is something I can normally stretch into a whole day with my “method” of watching TV at the same time.  I had my afternoon free to set up my new printer, watch the Texans choke, and run errands with The Boyfriend.  Now let’s see if I remember this the next time I need to clean.