Catch Up

Catch up for the last two weeks:

Got the new iPhone 5s.  Love it and even though a lot don’t like it, I am a fan of the iOS 7 aesthetic.  I like the thinner font and cleaner design.  I enabled the “reduce motion” setting so I don’t really notice that.  My one complaint is the burst mode in the camera.  I like the feature but I wish I could turn it on and off.

My first concert is in the books and it went well. So far I would say this school year is going well (*knock on wood*).

I can’t wait for the more permanent cooler weather.  This week I went to an area park for a walk and absolutely loved it.  

My mom came into town last weekend and we had a great time going to the beach with The Boyfriend.  Then my aunt came in Saturday evening and the three of us went to see Priscilla Queen of the Desert on Sunday.  Fun weekend.

Even though my commuter is definitely longer (and I have finally admitted it to myself) moving down to the Clear Lake area was exactly what I needed. 

Life is good. 

One of those...