The ER

I don't have a lot of experience with emergency rooms, thankfully.  My only previous experience was when I went to meet a friend who was in a fender bender.  I think I was there a sum total of 30 minutes and I didn't see much.

Friday night, or should I say Saturday morning, changed that.  Mr. Boyfriend has been experiencing some late night pain that we are pretty sure is gastrointestinal related.  But after many bad nights, trips to urgent care and a late night discussion with the Blue Cross / Blue Shield 24 hour nurse line (what a great service) we decided to go to the ER to make sure it wasn't heart related.  Pretty sure it is not, but I believe the phrase is "an abundance of caution."

Thus I found myself in a small town ER at 2:30 in the morning.  As soon as we arrived, they took Mr. Boyfriend into another room to get information and I found myself alone in a very quiet waiting room.  After 10 minutes of quiet, I couldn't stand it and finally went to ask the registration lady if I could see him. She told me I could go back in a few minutes.  As an aside, if I hadn't asked I would have had to sit in that empty waiting room for hours.  

I walked to the room she indicated, but slowed as I approached.  The door was partially open and there seemed to be emergency activity.  My heart stopped.  Why would there be emergency activity?  I wasn't sure what to do.  A worker came out of the room and asked if he could help.  After I haltingly gave the name of Mr. Boyfriend, he took me around the corner to where he was lying in a hospital gown smiling at me. Good thing they didn't check my blood pressure right then. 

The rest of the night is filled with scattered memories.  Like when Mr. Boyfriend was taken away for a sonogram and I was left in the room to listen and watch as a woman with severe breathing difficulties was brought in.  It became unnerving to listen to her distress while the doctors treated her.  Or when I watched from my location as the doctor contemplated his frozen treat options from the freezer.  Or when the mortician showed up to collect someone who did not make it through the night.  When at 3:30, I felt as awake as I do in the middle of the day and at 4:30, I was so exhausted that I couldn't stand still for my lack of patience waiting for discharge.  

Mr. Boyfriend had a good night last night and I hope I don't see an emergency room again for a while. 


Ahh... November