Hiding in the Covers

It dawned on me in recent days that I've been hiding.  I'm not sure from what or why, but I have been hiding in my books.  I usually only do this when I am highly stressed and it only lasts for a couple of days.  This time I have been on a "book binge" for a couple of months now and have just realized it.

I originally attributed it to just having fun reading my regency romances (which is what I am currently addicted to and yes having oh so much fun reading), but I think it is more than that.  Not only have I ignored my TV and my internet addictions, but I've ignored being a grown up: answering mail, keeping a tidy apartment, shopping at the grocery store, feeding myself at places that don't have drive through windows, etc.  I have been hiding in my books.  I'm not sure why. When I spent all of Saturday reading instead of doing the things I really needed and had looked forwarding to doing and when by the end of the day I was feeling melancholy, I knew something was up.

This post has no answers.  Just questions.  Thankfully today I have picked up my apartment, done laundry, wrote some blog posts and edited photos, gone to the grocery store and had a lovely evening out with Mr. Boyfriend.  I hope the rest will work itself out.

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