January Goals

Happy New Year and all that jazz.  I could catch you up on the, oh, whole month of December, but let's just not and move on.

I've decided to go back to doing monthly goals.  I think they are much more reasonable than year long resolutions that peter out in a few weeks anyway.

Following Saroy's lead (yet again), I want to list some things that I want to get done this month.  We'll see how it goes.

1.) Meal Planning
My boyfriend got me this meal planning pad for Christmas.  Meal planning is a place where I really fall down.  I like this pad because I know a lot of times I actually do better with pencil and paper than an app.  It has blocks down the side for each day of the week and a place to make notes about breakfast, dinner and other.  My goal is to use this each week to plan for the week ahead.


2.)  Green
I have slowly been working my way back to photography.  I have made a photo page on the blog with a portfolio of my work (check it out!).  I sold a photograph and even dragged my DSLR out for an assignment.  I want to embrace this return to photography, but I also need to accept that right now my most used camera is on my iPhone.  I am back to my eternal struggle of what to share where, but for inspiration I am doing a color photo assignment.  The color I picked, or should I say that this website picked for me, is green.  By the end of the month I hope to have three green photos that I am happy with.

3.) Take 10
I've gotten into the very bad habit of doing the minimum required to get out the door, especially on work days.  I always feel better when I take a few minutes to put on some eye shadow or style my hair.  I want to take 10 minutes each day before I leave to make sure I do this.  Not that it will be a dramatic transformation from the outside, but I know I will feel better on the inside.

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