Moonlight Spontaneity

I am not a spontaneous person.  I try to make plans for everything, see all eventualities, make lists and generally have an idea what is on the horizon.  It may not sound like the most exciting life, but it works for me.  

That said I was very happy that I broke out of my well organized shell and went to a painting class last night at the last minute (in my world last minute means early afternoon before an evening event). You know those painting classes that are all the rage now.  You bring your own drinks and wine and you walk out with a piece of art.  I have always wanted to try one of these, but just never worked up the actual doing it part.  But a co-worker was going and in all things her enthusiasm is contagious.  And when she showed me the picture, I really loved it.  And I decided to be brave (you guys know I'm socially shy right?) and POOF.  There I was painting, and talking and, honest to god, I actually stood up and did the macarena.  I had a lovely time.  And when I walked out I had a token of my evening which will hang on my wall and remind me that it is ok sometimes to taken a sudden turn. 

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