Good Reads

I have a confession to make.  I have fallen down a very big and deep Regency romance novel hole.    Yes.  I admit it.  I am reading the kind of books that have Dukes and Duchesses, where the characters have witty dialogue, where a kiss is a thing of magic and where servants bring tea and biscuits.  I know it is ridiculous and part of me feels silly and embarrassed to be focusing on such a 1 percenter type of thing, but oh how I am loving them so.  They are so easy to read and such a fun distraction.  I love the time period, the descriptions of the houses, the clothes and the food.  

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I have been skulking around Goodreads, trying not to inundate my feed with it, but no more.  I am proudly here to say I am a Regency romance novel reader.  

Oh and I also enjoy 1,000 page fantasy novels.

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