Meal Prep

I am hoping against hope that I have made a little breakthrough today in the cooking, eating at home, stop eating out so much for goodness sake department.  Meal planning was one of my January goals, but it should really be meal planning AND sticking to the meal that was planned. 

There are some wonder women in the world who do this sort of thing for meals that cover an entire month. A MONTH!  They cook for hours.  I can't imagine it.  I am too picky, my freezer is too small and my schedule is too wacky to try anything like that.  But I did do my own sort of prep for the week.  This evening I spent about an hour and a half in the kitchen.  I cooked the ingredients for a casserole, I organized my refrigerator and made some breakfasts that I could store in the freezer. I washed dishes and got my meats all organized.

IF I stick to my meal plan all that is really left is to put things in the oven and bake them.  That is something I can do during a week day.  No real effort required.  The other part of this plan is that I have snacks that I am taking to work.  I must get in the habit of eating a little something before I head home.  The place where I am most likely to fail is when it is late, and I am driving home tired and hungry.  The drive thru windows call to me with their neon lights and their promise that I won't have to do anything when I get home.

So, here we go with week 1 of the meal planning and sticking to the meal plan.  Onward!

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