Fall Fun

On Saturday Mr Boyfriend and I ventured out to Froberg Farm's Fall Corn Maze.  Is there really a need to explain why?  A corn maze!  The kind of thing you see on TV or in the movies that would exist someplace in the midwest, but instead was a short drive away. I didn't plan things well so we arrived about three in the afternoon.  Despite it being October, it was HOT, but we survived and had  a good time.  

We took pictures in the pumpkin patch because that is what you apparently do in the fall and then we got in the "hayride" out to  the corn maze.  "Hayride" is in quotes because there was no hay to be seen, but it did have a tractor pulling us so I guess that counts as close enough.

I loved the corn maze.  I didn't think we would actually get lost, but we did, despite using Mr. Boyfriend's fool proof (*cough*) method of right turns only.  We gave up on that about halfway through, but by then we were really turned around.  How fun it was to get lost in a corn maze.

After that we went to the pick your own flowers section and rode back to the main part of the farm.  There we did duck races (because I'm apparently still a six year old... and dang it I lost!) and ended by planting our own strawberry plants and eating sno cones.  So yeah,  it was a good day. 

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