A Fan

The last year or two I have secretly wondered if I am losing my interest in football.  I have for a long time been a very vigilant football fan and especially since the Texans started up in Houston.  For some reason I had a small black and white TV in my office and I remember watching it when they announced the name of the new team.  I went to Academy that day to get my Texans gear.  

I know that I am not a fair weather fan, but I have been curious that maybe I'm just getting older, lazier and more interested in hanging out with Mr. Boyfriend than watching the game.  Not that I have missed any regular season games this year, but my passion hasn't felt at strong.

Tonight has been better.  I've been talking to the TV and I definitely squealed in delight with the successful hail mary pass to end the first half, probably to the annoyance of my neighbors.  I feels a little more like my old football loving self. 

I am happy to be a Texans fan. 

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