Goodbye Sale

My grandmother passed away in March and my family held an estate sale last weekend.  Mr. Boyfriend and I went to help.  I thought it would be hard, but I held up remarkably well on Saturday.  The same could not be said for Sunday.  It is sad knowing that my time left on this property is down to a few months.  This place represented for me ties to family, grandparents, Christmas, and summer vacations for the whole of my life.

My cousin and his wife did a LOT of work getting the property ready.  My grandmother lived into her 90s and was a collector of all kinds of things, an artist, a cook, a seamstress and loved Christmas.  She also lived on a property with many barns so she really didn't have to throw anything away, not that she would anyway.  There was SO much stuff.

I was mostly stationed by one of the small houses and had these lovely black dogs keeping me company.  Last time I was there, there were only two.  They are multiplying!  It gave me an opportunity to sit and enjoy the scenery, take a picture of my favorite tree on property and just enjoy being there.

I am glad I took these two photos.  One of my last photos of the farm and my reflection in a piece in the dining room.  Over the years I have taken lots of pictures in that beautifully carved piece and a few hours after I took this, it was sold and left the house.


K Cup

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