February Goals

1.)  Get up!
This past weekend I had a lot of errands to run before an early morning deadline so I set my alarm and got up around 7 a.m.  Normally my favorite thing is to sleep late on a Saturday.  I have read all the research that it is best to keep a consistent time, but gosh it is so lovely to be lazy and sleep in.  The thing is I felt so productive the day I got up early and I got so much done.  It felt really good.  So no sleeping in this month.  Up no later than 8 a.m. (I had to give myself a little reward, right?)

2.) Pick clothes out the night before
My weekdays go SO much better when I don't have to stand in the closet, time ticking closer to the when I need to leave for work and not an idea about what I should wear.  I just need to take a few moments in the evening to decide and it will make a world of difference in the morning.

3.) No soda
I better put it here as a goal to show I mean business.  I have had a few experiences with heart palpitations in the last months and my doctor told me to cut back on caffeine.  Not that I was a coffee fiend (I don't even drink coffee, mostly) or guzzled lots of sodas in one day, but every once in a while I would have a few days where I would have a lot of cokes.  For some reason this year I really went off the rails and it turned into a coke binge and now as I am getting older that is showing up as the palpitations.  I laid off for a while and restricted myself to one a week.  I did pretty well, but then one day last week I had a soda for lunch and then a frapuccino later in the afternoon and by the evening I did NOT feel good.  So no sodas for the month.  

Wish me luck!

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