January Goals Recap

Here is my January goals recap.  The good, the bad and the ugly.  Quick and dirty too because I have a lot of posts in my head, but not the energy to actually write them.

1.) Meal Planning.  I did spectacularly the first week of January, marginally ok the second week, hideously the third week and I righted the sinking ship in the fourth week.  I like the meal planning pad and I'm going to stick with it.  It was so obvious to me how much better my week went when I actually did the planning.

2.) Green.  Yeah, no.  I have tried color challenges on and off over my photography life (closing in on 10 years!  eek!) and I never seem to do very well with them.  I always have one or two photos that I am happy with, but on the whole it doesn't exactly do for me what I want it to do.  But here is at least one green photo for you.

3.) Take 10.  I will call this one a success.  I don't necessarily don't look like I've done more, but I do feel that I have taken more time to get ready in the morning.

Tomorrow, February goals!

February Goals

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