I'm Freeee.... (Again)

In November 2010, I made the big break.  I cut the cable cord.  I was moving into a new apartment in the River Oaks area and I had high aspirations of becoming more active, reading more books and getting away from my screen addiction.  I even wrote a guest post about it for the Houston Chronicle Techblog.

I remember I had all these plans to keep up with all my shows online.  I even made a little chart with the different places I could find them. But it didn't take many months before I fell impossibly behind on current shows and fell in love with Netflix, specifically Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  I don't know why I missed this show the first go round, but I would watch hours at a time.  I watched all seven seasons in a period of a few months and I never looked back.  I didn't miss cable and it felt so freeing.

Then in the summer of 2013, I moved out of the Inner Loop and down to the Clear Lake area.  My apartment was not as expensive as my previous one, and thinking I wouldn't get a good signal since I now faced a building, I went back to cable.  For a time it was nice.  It was nice to have a DVR.  It was nice to easily record shows.  It was nice to easily watch cable news.

But something had changed.  I had changed.  My TV watching habits were not the same as they were before the first cord cutting.  After a while shows would pile up on my DVR and I would ignore them in favor of Netflix.  I became more interested in watching a show all at once and on demand than waiting weeks and months.  Cable news was terrible. Soon, I was ignoring the TV all together, thanks to a ferocious return to reading books.  

Today, I am once again a free woman.  This afternoon I turned in my cable box and cancelled cable service.  Unlike the first time, I have no doubts, qualms or concerns.  It turns out that I can receive a signal with my HD antenna although I have to move it different directions for various stations.  Considering how little broadcast TV I watch, this is not going to be a problem.  It feels like a giant weight has been lifted off my shoulders, not to mention my checkbook.  

I felt like a pioneer when I cut the cable cord four and a half years ago.  Now I'm just one of the crowd and how happy I am to be a part of the flock.


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