90s rent

I have what I call "my ugly lamps. " They have been with me for 22 years. They were part of a furniture rental package I got when I moved into my first apartment in college. It was rental furniture but eventually my mom just bought it out right.  

It has only been in the last few years where I have become the kind of adult that is interested in decorating, fashion, cooking, etc.   I have slowly been working on my bedroom. I looked at pictures for what seems like forever to decide on a color scheme and then spent another forever choosing bedding.  All the time I knew I would eventually replace the lamps, but I kept putting it off. 

Now, yes, it has finally been done. Thanks to a Christmas gift card from mom (apparently my life long lamp supplier) and over an hour walking in circles at At Home  (formerly known as Garden Ridge Pottery) I now own new lamps.

Mi think they might be a little big for the nightstand but I don't care. After 22 years I am finally rid of the ugly lamps.  

Hooray for (glacial) progress.  


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