March Goals Review

Surprisingly, considering that March contained the passing of my grandmother and the most intensive part of my work year, I met two of my three goals.

1.)  Get caught up with Project Life
This is the one that fell by the wayside.  I had planned to work on this over Spring Break, but instead I was with my family and then I was in a kind of weird haze.

2.) Patio
This one is mostly done.  I cleaned up my plants, swept the patio, threw away trash.  I need to do a few more little things, but it is a place I would go to now instead of closing the blinds and pretending it isn't there.

3.) Work nights in bed before 10:00
I would say out of the whole month of March there were maybe 4 days where this didn't hold true.  Now just because I was in bed before 10 didn't mean that I was falling asleep early.  But you know, baby steps. 


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