Aldi - Round One

Ok, Aldi.  You win the first round.  Thankfully I read up on you so I knew what to expect.  I wasn’t sure how it was going to come out in the end but I bought 24 items and the total was $48.  So if you think about it it is an average of $2 an item.  I mean we both know it isn’t REALLY that but that is a pretty impressive average when you consider I got chicken breasts, ground beef, cadbury eggs, chocolate bunnies (yes I was late putting together my Easter basket), milk, strawberries, bread, danishes, a pink hyacinth and much more.  You have pineapples for 99¢.  (99¢!). 

I look forward to see you soon.  May this the beginning of a long, cost saving relationship.

Why I Shop At Aldi

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