Herb Pot

I love visiting plant nurseries, even though I am a terrible gardener.  I over water and/or under water.  It is quite amazing considering my mother, aunt and grandmother love to garden.  Even Mr. Boyfriend loves it.  I love it too, I’m just terrible at it.

There is a wonderful nursery in the area called Maas Nursery.  It is an 8 acre plant lovers paradise.  They have a variety of classes throughout the year and I finally made it out to one this morning.  The topic today was  planting herbs. Mr. Maas himself was there to greet the class and to interject funny anecdotes and helpful information during the presentation.  The presenter gave us detailed handouts and went over the different kinds of herbs available as well as growing, maintenance and planting tips and even passed around plants so people could get a good look and smell (herbs after all!)

Then it was time for the hands on part.  As part of the class fee we were going to make our own herb pot.  We went to the herb section of the nursery and were able to pick out any 5 herbs we wanted in the 4” pots.  That was a VERY hard thing to do.  Armed with my newly acquired information, I knew I could do a cooking pot or an aromatic pot or a potpourri pot or… the list goes on and on.  Because it is going on my patio I needed to lean more towards things that worked in shade.  I ended up choosing flat leaf parsley, dill, thai basil, pineapple sage and salad burnet.


Then to the planting!  The nursery provided pots… and boy did they ever.  These were the huge 16” pots.  I was surprised when during the information section they gave a vague wave to these giant pots and I realized that is what we would be using.  When I walked up to one and tried to move it, I was doubly and triply surprised.  I immediately called Mr. Boyfriend (and woke him up because it was Saturday morning after all) and told him that he would have to meet me at my house to get it inside.  It is HEAVY!

The class instructor stayed with us while were selecting herbs and giving wonderful advice as we planted.  She helped with ideas for placing the herbs, the depth to plant, how much dirt to use and tips for each person’s individual pot.

The cost of the class was $40, but it was worth way more than that.  The information was terrific and now I have a beautiful (and did I mention very heavy) herb pot to call my own. 


Let’s just hope I can keep it alive.

P.S. I was all set to sign up for the next class I want to take (terrariums!) but it is on the same day as one of my work field trips.  Drats.


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