January Goals 2014

I’m taking a page from fellow blogger Saroy, and instead of big over arching resolutions, I’m going to have monthly goals.  

No Hamburgers
This was inspired by Facebook friend Stephanie.  She would cut out a certain food (or two or three) for the month and then after that month  work the food back in a more controller manner. Hamburgers are one of my favorite foods and it is of course extremely convenient on busy or lazy nights.  But I’ve been doing it so much lately that I’m not even enjoying them anymore.  If I can make it the whole month, I will celebrate on the 1st of February at Tookie’s.

Glove Box
I think I’ve cleaned my glove box one time since I bought the car.  There are probably papers in there that are years out of date.

Nature Walk
There is a little nature park 5 minutes from my apartment.  Ever since I moved here I would drive by and tell myself that I was going to go explore but haven’t made it yet.  In the summer… “Too Hot!”  Now… “Too Cold.”  Hot, cold or tired I’m going.

Project Box
I think for a few months I might need to keep the craft boxes that I referenced in my previous post as a monthly goal.  I must keep myself from letting them pile up.

Sunday Roast
It is tradition in Britain to have a big meal on Sundays.  Think of it as a mini Christmas dinner.  A main course of roast meat with roasted vegetable sides.  I’m going to do a variation this month which for me is going to mean lots of planning, research and finger crossing.

Here we go with January.

Nature Center 
Project Box
Sunday Roast

Hey There Friend

OCD Boxes