March Goals

February was so pathetic, I’m not even going to do a write up.  I did one thing on my list and that was no kids cereal.  And done.

Bring on beautiful March.

Decorate Patio
This is my Spring Break project.  I want to enjoy my patio in the coming warmer weather (come on warmer weather).  I want to have plants and I want it to be a place that I want to hang out instead of a place I would rather hide behind the blinds.  Pinterest will be my best friend the next few weeks.

Museum Memberships
I need to get to MFAH to see the Impressionist exhibit.  Strangely, when I lived only minutes from the museum district, my museum visits all but stopped.  I want to renew my memberships to MFAH and HMNS, get their schedules and get back on my museum track.

Mail Walk
The apartment mailboxes are at the other end of the complex so I usually stop there on my way in or out.  This month I want to take advantage of the good weather (come on warmer weather) and walk each day to check my mail.  Also I have a bad habit of not checking my mailbox for long stretches at a time so hopefully this will get me in the habit of a daily mail check.

Ahhh….. (that’s the sound of it not being February anymore).

Blacklight Run

Checking In