My Weekend

My weekend was spent moving from a 2008 Macbook to a brand new Macbook Pro.

Moving and setting up everything that has to happen kind of takes all the joy those first few days out of your new computer.  At least for me.  Setting up a working system for my photos and migrating to an updated Lightroom was a pain.  I’m mostly all done now and the coming week will just be little details.

Over the last few weeks (even months), I have noticed a slowly increasing desire to return to photography.  It is particularly strong this weekend considering all the time I spent with my photos.  I have to think about it for a while and I definitely want to go back to something simpler.

We’ll see if having a new and fresh Lightroom and a spiffy new photo set up will stoke the fires or if they are just going to simmer (or even burn out).

I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do now that the computer is set up.  Bed?  The weekend is over?  *sigh*

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